Saturday, 14 April 2012

Info path 2010 on Ipad

From today I will be  working on rare combination of products Microsoft and Apple. to starts with Info path 2010 forms on I PAD browser . thanks to share point 2010 for having better html output to support multiple browser

Day 1 
1. Basic browser  infopath form works good in IPAD . thanks to SP 2010

Day 2
1. Will target application in two phase 1st create infopath application for client in windows system for offline capability  and online version (browser) for IPAD.
2. Phase 2 will add offline capability in IPAD. this going to be interesting  options here are
        a. Create or buy any infopath Ipad App like SharePlus
        b. Create a ipad app for application mean not a infopath but a ui application which will read and write infopath xml to sharepoint library . but downside of this is it will be specific to Application.

Day 3.
Notices a issue in info path browser forms in safari (IPAD)  not sure whom to blame MS or Apple.

You can't change text color or hi light a test with given ribbon controls. very minor issue .

I will skip some around 10 days it went smooth without any issue

Day 13
     Notices one more  issue in infopath browser form in Safari both  desktop and iPAD
       Description : My info path form have Submit button . when you hit submit button with some validation  error in form ( required field  validation) infopath will prompt a error popup . which is normal but once you are back to form  from error popup  last Rich text box field  which i was filling just before hitting submit button  will be blank.
     agian not sure whom to blame MS or Apple.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

InfoPath Design Copy Past Issue

Today while working with infopath forms i feel sometime when I try to copy  and past some text or control across the view or to different location in a  same view it never past the content i have copyed. many people do system restart and it work but when i dig a bit its a strange dependency

if you close all your open  IE window  copy past starts working normally .

Don't know what this have to do with IE . but certainly there is some relation between  on IE and info path one more such example if if you make you your IE offline your info path will also get into offline mode .