Saturday, 14 April 2012

Info path 2010 on Ipad

From today I will be  working on rare combination of products Microsoft and Apple. to starts with Info path 2010 forms on I PAD browser . thanks to share point 2010 for having better html output to support multiple browser

Day 1 
1. Basic browser  infopath form works good in IPAD . thanks to SP 2010

Day 2
1. Will target application in two phase 1st create infopath application for client in windows system for offline capability  and online version (browser) for IPAD.
2. Phase 2 will add offline capability in IPAD. this going to be interesting  options here are
        a. Create or buy any infopath Ipad App like SharePlus
        b. Create a ipad app for application mean not a infopath but a ui application which will read and write infopath xml to sharepoint library . but downside of this is it will be specific to Application.

Day 3.
Notices a issue in info path browser forms in safari (IPAD)  not sure whom to blame MS or Apple.

You can't change text color or hi light a test with given ribbon controls. very minor issue .

I will skip some around 10 days it went smooth without any issue

Day 13
     Notices one more  issue in infopath browser form in Safari both  desktop and iPAD
       Description : My info path form have Submit button . when you hit submit button with some validation  error in form ( required field  validation) infopath will prompt a error popup . which is normal but once you are back to form  from error popup  last Rich text box field  which i was filling just before hitting submit button  will be blank.
     agian not sure whom to blame MS or Apple.

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