Friday, 5 March 2010

Updating site the site content type failed. Infopath 2007

Suddenly one day while publishing an InfoPath form with 40+ fields promoted as column to a SharePoint library I found it started throwing error msg “Updating site the site content type failed”.
After doing some research on it I found basically this issue is due to inc in number of column promoted to library .

1. when we publish InfoPath forms with more than 30+ column some time it take more than 30 sec(time taken for .xsn file to get copied into sharepoint site not the entire publish wizard) . and problem is here in infopath client process time out is hard-coded for 30 sec . this is why we get this error.

Solution for this :
1. MS have fixed this 30 sec hardcoded issue in SP2 of MS Office clients ((MS Office SP2 Download))

2. If By any chance you cannot upgrade to SP2 then only solution for Is remove few promoted column till it publish successfully. or check for network speed if it is slow enough to increase the publish time more than 30 sec, switch to higher network speed.

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